Introducing BEWSA and Sport

Sport has always been played an important part in Armed Forces life, not only does it help with general fitness, it also encourages and builds Team Work. So it’s only natural that many ex-service men and women are keen sportsmen. Just because some of us are now also disabled, makes no difference, it just makes it more difficult to find others to compete with and against. Thankfully we have BEWSA. Over the past 25 years, many of our members have competed not only for BEWSA, representing Great Britain at the National Veteran Wheelchair Games in the USA, but also at regional and National level and ultimately as members of the Great Britain Para Olympic Team.

BEWSA is here for you to take part in Sport at whatever level you feel you are able, we believe sport should be enjoyable and the main thing is to get something out of it for yourself. You do not need to be a permanent wheelchair user, just have an injury/disability that means that the only way you can do sport is by using a chair
You will get plenty of encouragement and help from the ‘guys’, and no doubt be reminded of the odd mishap you’ve had, but thats part of the ‘Crack’, a bit of friendly banter makes life enjoyable and fun, and in the end, thats why BEWSA is here. Because BEWSA was formed to take part in the National Veteran Wheelchair Games, we tend to do the sports that are available at the games, these are:

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Basket Ball
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10 Pin Bowling
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Field: Discus, Shot, Javelin
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Nine Ball Pool
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Hand Cycling
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Power Soccer
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Quad Rugby
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Table Tennis
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Soft Ball
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Athletes compete by the level of their ability. There are seven different classifications for the athletes, from quadriplegics (classified as IA, IB or IC), to paraplegics and amputees (classified as II, III, IV, and V). The higher the classification number, the less disabling the condition. In this way, someone who is amputee and has full upper body strength for example, would not compete against a high level quadriplegic who would not have that advantage. In addition, the athletes compete by the level of their experience, from "novice" (first timers) to "masters" (experienced athletes over the age of 40). For most of the events, men and women also compete separately.
BEWSA also encourages it’s members to do other sports and will try and help you to carry this out, such as Wheelchair Tennis and Winter Sports.